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For over 10 years our products have been custom cut by a Locksmith using a code machine right here in the United States.  Most orders placed by 4PM East will be shipped same day or next day.  For speedy service we offer both a 1 day and 2 - 3 day delivery for a flat fee anywhere in the US.


Our products are made correctly the first time and whenever possible are sourced from within the United States. Our stronger key materials ensure not only a key that lasts but also one that is less likely to cause damage to a lock.  Since our keys are cut in house we are able to ensure a high quality product that is shipped fast. Please either call or use the live chat located at the bottom of this page should you have any questions.

We are very particular about our products and demand excellence.

Since 2006 we've been the manufacturer and distributor. By keeping the production in-shop and eliminating middle men we're able to ensure quality products at competitive priceS. All of our products are shipped from our own warehouse.  You won't find any drop shipping here which can result in weeks of delay. If we sell it, we stock it. Period. 

If you've ever wondered how a bump key should be made, take a look at the how BumpKey.US makes a bump key video. The first thing you'll notice is that this isn't just some random machine:  This is one of our top of the line computer controlled code cutting machines that makes extremely accurate keys.  Our keys have been tested to be accurate within .001. It's accurate, fast, and extremely reliable. After receiving your order please do leave a BumpKey.US review and let us know exactly how close to that .001 we were. While we always aim for A 5/5 rating and review, if there is anything that is not quite making sense or doesn't seem correct please don't hesitate to reach us by any number of contact methods under the 'contact us' menu bar at the top.

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