Smart Screen


Landlords: Safe and Easy Tenant Screening

SmartScreen by ClearScreening is a new streamlined approach to tenant screening that allows ANY landlord, property manager, or leasing agent to access credit and criminal background data on prospective tenants. We’ve made it easier to sign-up, easier to run a report, and easier to make a decision. With no start-up fees or usage requirements, it’s also easy on your wallet.

Quick Startup
With SmartScreen, there’s no application, no approval process, no sign-up fees, and no inspection! You simply create an account, fill in some information about your rental property, and can begin screening within minutes.

Minimize Your Risk
SmartScreen’s direct gateway with TransUnion allows you to omit sensitive data from your application, such as SSN and date of birth. The applicant enters this information directly with TransUnion who also verifies the identity of your applicant before supplying you with a report. This helps protect you from applicants supplying fraudulent data and from being accused of improperly handling such sensitive information. SmartScreen also helps guard against unfair screening practices by providing consistent and unbiased recommendations based upon information you supply about your property.

A Convenient Approach
Beyond the ease of setup, we’ve included a few features that make SmartScreen a very convenient and user friendly way to screen tenants. Payments are processed online by credit card or bank account via Paypal’s secure payment gateway. Accounts do not go idle or get archived after periods of disuse, and passwords may be reset anytime by simply entering your email address. There is no required annual training course, saving you both time and money.

How SmartScreen Works
Create an account for yourself by entering in some information about yourself and your property. Answer additional questions about your property to allow for a more customized application.

As part of your initial rental application process, be sure to collect an email address from each applicant (if they don’t have one there are many free providers – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo – where an account can be setup in minutes). When you login to your account to request their information, an email will be sent to them so that they may accept your request. They’ll be asked to enter their information directly into TransUnion’s secure website for verification, and you’ll be notified that the reports are ready.